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Wakeless - Features a yacht drifting timelessly under it's own dreams.

Sopwith and Steam - Is a derived abstraction of my Tsunami artwork. The traction engine I photographed back in 2002 and the Sopwith triplane was from the 2014 Wanaka warbirds airshow. Attempted to try to create a sense of the 1910 to 1920 period with a softer touch than I would usually use.

Grotto ll - Is an expanded abstraction of Grotto. This time adding in a lone vagrant who comes out at night. The small bush symbolises something to burn to stay warm. Inspired by the many homeless I see in my own town on my way home from my real job.

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Out of Bounds 3 more artworks.

Out of Bounds - was inspired by the super competitive nature of two horse polo riders I photographed last year. In this artwork, no matter the consequences of the likes of a huge storm and other distractions, the players can be seen obsessively competing against each other out of bounds off the field they should be playing on.

Flightless - A kiwi within a volcanic terrain. Finding food, surviving and beating extinction can be tough in a difficult environment. While kiwi's don't really inhabit volcanic areas, volcano's are a part of the New Zealand (Kiwi) landscape.

Urbanoxity - just a fun abstraction representing how urban environments can sometimes be intoxicating and fun.


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Unwanted Advice Finally a rainy morning, so time to dabble. In the zone and 4 artworks.
Kibitz - is about the unwanted advice children get from their elders. If you look closely at the child's face at the bottom of the artwork, the face is both looking toward and away from the advice.
Kura Tawhiti - is about the amazing rock formations out at Castle Hill also a part of the area known as Kura Tawhiti.
Kaitiaki - represents the way Kiwi's are getting behind being guardians of the land and taking more care of it for the future.
Urbanisation #3 - is simply a depiction of an urban landscape on a new day.
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Climatic If you are like me and you are frustrated with all the confusion, information, misinformation and over zealous worst case scenarios around global warming alias climate change alias a dollar on every horse alias ... then you might start to understand where climatic is trying to go.

Hence the erratic look to the artwork. The winter look represents my disdain for justifying every extreme weather event hot or cold or whatever as global warming. The darker tones also represent this frustration.

I don't doubt the earth is warming, I don't doubt we need to rein in our impact on the planet. I also don't doubt the earth has also naturally gone through these cycles in the past. I do however, get frustrated with exaggerations and over stated worst case scenarios and claiming every extreme event as global warming, as if extreme weather never happened naturally in the past. It ends up undermining any effort we need to make.

So we now also have farmers depleting the ground water from the land and we are now also in for rising sea levels. Desalination plants could solve two huge problems for the price of one. Does anyone else think that desalination plants and pipelines will become as precious a resource as oil is today? International wars, economics and politics over water. You heard it here first.


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Defoliation #2 Just created this artwork titled defoliation #2. Here goes my attempt to explain it, without getting too carried away.

The artwork represents the diminishing food supply for the birds in the urban areas. The black and white with the leafless trees help to represent the lack of food. The birds flying around represent the effort to find food.

The pattern merge comes from looking at too many MC Escher images and loving his metamorphosis type images.

The trees and the cloud lines are from a photo I shot in a local park, on a cold winters day. The shags flying around were shot at Napenape beach.

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Laugh or cringe We are now all set up, so here we go with my weird and wonderful abstractions. Every work now is an original abstraction from my own photos. The galleries are now organised by shape. Just on the off-chance that someone might be tempted to buy one. The pricing is based on me being dead already, so I might have to review that (before I do go for real).

So have a laugh or a cringe

the Munted kiwi

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Into it Now up and running and ripping into the artwork. Now three sizes up for grabs. Panorama, 2 x 3 and the squares. Several dedicated to the devastating 2011 Christchurch earthquakes and the rebuild:
Earthquation l

Earthquation lV
Earthquation ll
Earthquation lll
Hit the Wall



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Welcome Hi and welcome to the artworks and photography of the Munted Kiwi. We are now up and running. The site is still a work in progress, but hopefully you will still enjoy it or at least get a laugh or a cringe out of the artworks. If this trial goes well, then you should see me uploading way less to Flickr and just the really good stuff onto here.

Of the artworks, only the square canvas artworks are for sale at this stage. Yet to confirm the exact sizing of the rectangular canvas's and weary of stretching them to fit a different aspect ratio.


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